Mapcontrol is an extremely important factor when playing League of Legends.
In the lower levels, people aren’t really caring about it, but when you get to level 30, and you start playing ranked, you should know how to recieve mapcontrol of the map.

The whole team should be buying wards.
The carries would only focus on warding their lane, while the supporters/tanks should ward pretty much everywhere.
Saying everywhere doesn’t mean the whole map though.
There are a few important spots, which should be warded. These spots together are “everywhere”.

When your team has the opportunity, you should get an oracle.
Generally the tank or supporter would get one.
Buying oracles servers a couple of purposes.
If the other team have a stealther, well, it explains itself.
You can see the enemies wards.
This allows you to do dragon, without worrying of the other team coming.

Lets say your whole team was low on HP.
Without an oracle, you wouldn’t do the dragon.
With one, and a couple of wards, you could team up for the dragon kill.
You’d be able to see if the enemy were having a ward at the dragon.
If they had one, you should only do the dragon if you’d be prepared for a teamfight.
If they didn’t have one, you could safely do it.

Green dots represent the most important spots to ward.
Red dots represent the less important spots to ward.

Even if your not level 30 yet, and you read this post, try to learn from.
Gaining map control in the lower level of playing will get you a couple of free wins, for sure!


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