Mining in Minecraft!

There are multiple ways to mine in minecraft, I will only be able to show you a few, but if you need more help, go ahead and comment below.

Mining in Minecraft:

Way 1:

1. Branch Mining

  • The goal of branch mining is to keep your mine very organized. The structure of this mine is much like a tree.

Branch Mining  This is how your mine should look. Black is the areas you should clear out, while grey are the cobblestone. You can extend this more, instead of 10 blocks up you can extend it even more. So, in the branches you should find diamond,  gold,  redstone,  iron,  coal,  etc. Be sure to extend the branches even more, so your chances of hitting the jackpot even higher.

*Some people space it by 2 blocks, I just do it like this*

2. Messy Mining

  • Messy Mining ( As I call it ) is meant for you to find caves mostly.
  1. Dig down to floors 10-15
  2. Dig  straight forward for as far as you want.
  3. At the end of that ^ line just dig left / right until you find some ore.
  4. Once you find some ore follow the ore vein and continue to dig around the vein.
  5. If you hear mobs, try to find them, as you might find a cave.
  6. CAUTION: Be wary of lava

That’s all for now, comment below if I need to fix anything.

Next post will be about your first night in Minecraft.

*Picture is made by me.*


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  1. A nice post right there.
    Never thought of “ways” of mining in Minecraft. 🙂

  2. Many more, but I just didn’t include all 🙂

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